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Wills and Estate Plans 

“I need help setting up a will. Where do I start?”

“How can I take care of my family for the long term?”

“What’s the difference between a will and a trust?

Take steps to provide for your loved ones and your property. Perhaps you have postponed thinking about estate planning, not realizing what it might mean to your family if you passed away unexpectedly or became unable to care for yourself. But by planning now, you can provide clear direction that will help your loved ones when they need it the most, and ensure your legacy for the future.

Our Process:
• Free initial consultation to discuss your family’s needs and establish what type of estate plan will serve you best.
• Create a customized plan based on your input and direction.
• Develop and finetune the plan in a comfortable process of in-person meetings and communications as desired.
• We notarize and finalize your documents; you will leave with a fully completed estate plan.
• Updates to your plan are provided in the future if your circumstances change.

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Real Estate Taxation

Are you part of a local government unit with property tax questions? Perhaps your property tax bill has increased significantly and you are wondering whether you should appeal your property tax assessment or challenge your tax rate.

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Election Law

Are you considering a run for office? The Law Office of Kory Atkinson offers services including:
• Petition preparation and review
• Guidance on campaign disclosure requirements
• Advisement on campaign best practices

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About Kory Atkinson

Kory Atkinson headshot

Kory Atkinson practices in the areas of will and estate planning, estate administration, probate, real estate tax litigation, and general legal practice. In February 2008, he opened the Law Office of Kory Atkinson—a firm dedicated to protecting people, their families, and their businesses. Prior to opening the Law Office, Kory served as an associate with the Chicago-based firm Franczek Sullivan P.C. (now Franczek Radelet) and as assistant corporation counsel for the City of Chicago.

Kory is also a committed public servant and community member. He has served as a College of DuPage Trustee and a Village of Roselle Board member, as well as belonging to the Roselle Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Bloomingdale Chamber of Commerce.

Kory received his Juris Doctor magna cum laude from Northern Illinois University and his Bachelor of Arts cum laude with honors from Knox College.

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